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Turquoise Silver Gemstone December Birthstone Name Bracelet

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Semiprecious Gemstone Grade A Turquoise rounds in two color options green or blue and Bali Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone Bracelet... This semi-precious gemstone bracelet as shown is made with natural turquoise in 4mm (or 6mm size for adult style bracelets) round size all grade A beads. The price increase for adult sizes because we use the 6mm gemstones and more expensive. The bracelet is then accented with sterling silver round satin beads and fancy laser cut matrix swirl beads and three types of bali silver beads. The natural blue turquoise beads have a vibrant dark blue with slight matrix black swirls. This lovely bracelet can also signify the birth month of December - as Decembers birthstone is turquoise or blue zircon. The bracelet can make a beautiful keepsake for anyone as we offer the bracelet in every size possible. Turquoise Semi-precious Gemstone Care: You may use a commercial jewelry cleaner and/or a mild detergent with warm water and a soft bristle brush to clean between the beads. The beads are somewhat porous so please do not soak the bracelet in a cleaner just dip briefly and remove. Another truly classic all sterling silver beautiful and long wearing bracelet that can be offered in any of the precious or semi-precious gemstones other than the turquoise as shown. Please note: when ordering a baby or child size bracelet we will always use the smaller 4-5mm sized beads this includes our sizing range of 0 months (4.0") to 13 years (7.0"). And when you are ordering an adult sized bracelet from Adult XSmall (6.0") to Adult XXLarge (9.0") we will use the larger 6mm sized beads including larger sized gemstones (New! we now offer all traditional gemstones including precious gemstones in a 6mm size). This includes the Mother and Daughter sets we always make the baby or child sized with smaller beads and the adult sized bracelet with the larger 6mm beads. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart.

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