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Is your on-line webhost a secure site?

Yes, all aspects of our website is secure through Shopify E-commerce web hosting, SSL, https:, 128-bit encryption, PCI Compliance.

We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Shopify Pay (Visit Shopify Pay FAQ's here) all are PCI compliant servers.

What are the quality of beads that Baby Bead Treasures uses?:

GRADE A quality: The beads themselves are all natural gemstones or semi-precious gemstones and natural freshwater pearls in a grade A quality and without any flaws.

Birthstone Beads: We only use the true genuine Austrian Swarovski CrystalsTM in our adult styles unless otherwise indicated. In our children's styles we have decided to only offer the lead free Fire Czech glass crystal birhstone beads or the natural grade A gemstones.

Precious Metal: The silver beads, clasps, crimps and charms are genuine sterling silver (.925 to .955) and Lead Free and Nickel Free. Our gold filled findings are 14-20K and our Gold Vermeil is 14K, such as our 14K Gold Vermeil name letter beads.

Professional Wire: The jewelry stringing wire is high quality 49 strand stainless steel with a pearl nylon coated wire (also the best quality of wire available on the market). The 49-strand wire offers a 26-lb test strength and is virtually unbreakable if your bracelet or necklace is not subject to water on a regular basis. Subjecting your bracelet or necklace to water on a daily basis can break down the wire and cause slack to the bracelet and the wire will actually stretch and weaken. It is best to remove your jewelry prior to bathing, showering or swimming.

Will the Sterling Silver Beads Tarnish?

Our collection of genuine sterling silver bali beads will never tarnish or fade! However, if you have purchased a bracelet containing round satin sterling silver beads, these beads may tarnish if the bracelet is not worn consistently. Upon purchased of our bracelets we also include a zip lock bag that the bracelet can be stored in when you are not using the bracelet, this will help prevent any tarnish from occurring. We also sell sterling silver polishing cloths that remove tarnish. Gold Filled and Vermeil beads are virtually tarnish free, only light buffing is ever required and they are perfect for anyone that has skin sensitivities to other precious metals such as sterling silver.

What are the product safety features of the bracelets as infants and children will be wearing them?

The beads chosen for handcrafting these bracelets are all 4mm in size, which makes them less intrusive than larger beads. The beads are also smooth in texture and do not snag on clothing or other materials.

We also use the strongest and highest quality jewelry beading wire (49 strand) and lobster clasps to help endure with the normal wear and tear of any active infant or child.

However, for overall safety and protection of your little ones.

We only recommend using the bracelets in a supervised setting. Please remove bracelet prior to bedtime, please remove bracelet prior to children accessing play equipment or play activity as the bracelet can become caught on play equipment and endanger your child, please remove the bracelet prior to any situation where supervision will be limited. Thank you. You can visit our product safety compliance page located on our navigation menu for more information.

Can I order a bracelet without name personalization?

If you like a certain bracelet on our website that shows a name or personalization, you may order the bracelet without a name or personalization. Most often the bracelet the bracelet will be the same price without a name. The only exception where the bracelet may be less is when they are our cat's eye collection. Please just email us with the bracelet you like in our cat eye collections that you would like to purchase without a name and we will invoice you separately instead of purchasing directly from the website. email:

To order a bracelet without personalization or a name, simply do not type the name in the text field and leave this field blank, unless requesting a birthstone color choice - then please enter your birthstone color choice. We will process your order with the size that you have entered along with a birthstone choice that you have entered and your bracelet will not contain a name or personalization.

Do you offer repairs and if so how much?

Yes, we offer "free" repairs of all our jewelry, if you received an item as a gift or purchased through our store and something on the item is broken and cannot be worn, please contact us for our mailing address via email.

And if you send us your bracelet using special shipping that includes insurance and/or tracking, we can also send you your bracelet back to you the same way, you will have to purchase this extra shipping service from our "Re-size and/or Repair Return Shipping" located within our shopping cart, there a few choices for shipping preferences to select from.

What happens if we purchase a bracelet or we received a bracelet as a gift from Baby Bead Treasures and the size is not right?

If you purchased one of our bracelets and/or watches, or received as a gift, then we will always include one FREE sizing with your initial order. All you have to do is contact us at and make arrangements to have the bracelet sent back to us, we will provide you with our mailing address. You can ship the bracelet back regular postage mail, and we will return the bracelet using regular postage mail for no charge. If you are in a hurry to receive the bracelet or you would like your bracelet to be insured then you can select another shipping preference from our shopping cart located under "Resize and/or Repair Return Shipping".

When should the bracelets be removed?

For overall safety and protection of your precious little ones. We only recommend using the bracelets in a supervised setting.

Examples of recommended removal of the bracelets for overall safety of your infant and/or child:

* before bedtime

* before accessing play equipment or play activities or swimming pools (chemicals in pools can damage the materials)

* before bathing or showering (this will also prevent the beads and materials from being compromised in any way - the wire can and will stretch when subjected to water over a period of time)

* before any time where adult supervision is going to be limited

How do you clean or care for the sterling silver jewelry?

Sterling Silver: You may clean the bracelet with a mild dish detergent and warm water and use a small soft scrub brush to clean between the beads themselves. To remove any tarnish on the sterling silver use a sterling silver polishing cloth. Please do not use a liquid silver cleaner on the bracelet, as this will damage the other beads on the bracelet. Please remove the bracelet prior to any swimming activity as chlorine will breakdown the silver or gold filled or vermeil beads and jewelry wire, and will also compromise the strength and durability of the bracelet. Gold Filled: Please keep away from water and only light buffing with a soft cloth is ever really required.

How do you care for the gold filled or gold vermeil jewelry?

You may clean the bracelet with a mild detergent and warm water and use a small soft scrub brush to clean between the beads themselves. Please be sure to remove any moisture or residue on the bracelet. Please do not submerge into a commercial jewelry cleaner, or liquid jewelry cleaner, as this will damage the beads on the bracelet. A light buffing is generally all that is required to keep the bracelet remaining in good wearing condition. You can also use our precious metals cleaning cloth to help maintain the beauty of your gold beads. When the bracelet is not being worn, please try to store the bracelet in the zip lock bag that we have provided to you found in your gift box.

Is gift wrapping or gift boxes available?

Yes! Every bracelet, earrings, necklace, watch that we sell on our on-line store comes in small beautiful pink organza bag, product detail card (the types of beads and findings used to create your bracelet), anti-tarnish zip lock bag, sizing tag - if applicable, birthstone tag - if applicable, this is all included in the cost of the item and considered part of the unique product detail with our jewelry.

PLEASE NOTE:If you would like to add gift boxes to your order then please upon checkout just select the gift box check box and quantity to add gift boxing that is wrapped and tied with ribbon, we charge $5.00 per order. This includes a personalized gift message card with each gift, just type your gift messages in the area provided upon checkout. If you do not type a message in the "gift message area" then your bracelet(s) will still come with a blank gift message card that you can personally fill out and provide to your gift recipient.

GIFT BOXES are not available with regular surface ground mail: If you choose to order bracelets using our $2.95 ground surface letter post mail (due to letter post mail width dimensions) we will ship the bracelets without a gift box - please do not add gift boxes to this method of shipping as it is not applicable, all of the other product detail will be included such as the description of beads used, sizing tags, anti-tarnish zip lock bag, and each bracelet contained within an organza bag.

What about "LEAD FREE" jewelry for babies and children? Safety outlined by the United States Consumer Product Improvement Act (US - CPSIA)?

All of Baby Bead Treasures precious metals are 100% lead free and nickel free, we do not or have not ever used ANY metals that contain lead coating on the surface or within the precious metals themselves. All of our jewelry findings are .925 or higher sterling silver content, or 14K to 20K Gold Filled or 14K gold vermeil. We follow the standards set out by both Health Canada and now the US CPSIA. To review our Product Safety page of website, see our navigation menu or click this link on our Product Safety page.

This allowable product listed is what can be used or sold for children according to the "Guide to US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) for Small Businesses, Crafters, Resellers and Charities":

1. - Wood

2. - Other natural materials including coral, amber, feathers, fur, and untreated leather, etc.

3. - Paper and other materials made from wood or cellulosic fiber

4. - Dyed or undyed textiles (cotton, wool, hemp, nylon, yarn, etc.), including children’s fabric products, such as baby blankets, and non‐metallic thread and trim. This does not include products that have rhinestones or other ornaments that may contain lead or that have fasteners with possible lead content (such as buttons, metal snaps, zippers or grommets).

5. - Children’s books that use modern printing processes (CMYK process printing inks). This does not include any part of the book that may contain lead (plastic, metal, or painted parts, such as spiral binding).

6. - Certain educational materials, such as chemistry sets

7. - Precious Gemstones: diamond, ruby, sapphire or emeralds

8. - Semiprecious stones provided that the mineral or material is not based on lead and is not associated with any mineral based on lead (NOT-Acceptable chemical composition stone elements include, aragonite, bayldonite, boleite, cerussite, crocoite, linarite, minetite, phosgenite, vanadinite & wulfenite). Baby Bead Treasures does NOT sell any semiprecious gemstones that contain these chemical elements within the semiprecious stones.

9. - Natural or cultured pearls

10. - Surgical steel

11. - 10K Gold or More

12. - Silver, at least 925/1000 pure

13. -Platinum, palladium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium, and ruthenium

What do the terms "gold filled (GF) or gold "vermeil" mean specifically and what is the difference between them versus the "gold plating"?

For our jewelry we use only the two of "gold filled" and "vermeil" to design and complete our bracelet and earring collections. I have explained the terms below so you can understand the differences between these three terms.

GOLD VERMEIL: This jewelry is made with 14K gold and usually very thick layers that are bonded and melted with sterling silver using a heated process. Vermeils is usually more expensive than the "gold filled" and this is because the base metal is .925 sterling silver. Our 4.5mm gold letter block beads that we use in our name bracelets are Vermeil.

GOLD FILLED (GF): This jewelry is made with 14-20K gold layers as well. The gold percentage is 20K in our findings that are gold filled. The base of the metal is generally sterling silver or brass. Our gold lobster clasps, charms, earrings are stamped with the 14-20K on them. The gold filled process involves heat adherence and hence giving it a lifetime quality in the process. The gold will not flake, chip or fade as "gold plated" findings generally do. Gold filled findings do not contain nickel which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin, and makes it hypoallergenic. Even if some people are allergic to silver, the gold filled may be your solution. Gold filled is a very affordable solution that will allow your jewelry to easily last a lifetime. It is the best of both worlds. Have the same beautiful look but without the solid gold costs. Gold filled also is referred to as "rolled gold".

GOLD PLATED (GP): Gold plate jewelry is usually one layer of sprayed gold or random metals that are dipped in gold. These findings will have a reddish or yellowish un-natural color to them with a low grade shine. The process involved is a "cold" process with no heat being used to adhere the gold to the metals. The gold plate layers easily chip, flake and fade very quickly. In fact, the layers will eventually fade off all together. Good quality gold plate is very hard to find, so we just don't use them with our jewelry collections.

What is the approximate shipping time for my order?

In Canada we use Expedited Mail and/or Xpresspost (approximately 2-5 days) from the shipping date (within Canada). This does include insurance (up to $100) and tracking. To ship outside of Canada we use International Airmail and this takes approximately 4-8 days from the shipping date. Insurance of $100 is included in the International Airmail shipping charge.

PLEASE NOTE: During Busy Holiday Seasons - such as Christmas, mail can be delayed for longer periods as indicated above, this is especially true if you are a international or US Customer - border delays can occur and this is simply out of our control.

Upon any purchase from our secure on-line shopping cart, we will then provide you with two confirmation emails: the first email will include your order details and confirmed shipping address and the second email of when your order is processed and your jewelry is actually shipped out to you. In the second confirmation email from us will include your shipping information and tracking information (If you are within Canada tracking information will be provided, or if you decide to purchase the additional "express shipping" from a US address) and a link to Canada Post website so that you may track the status of your shipped order at any time.

If you are ordering a custom/personalized item this may take slightly longer, We currently try to ship custom ordered bracelets out no later than 5-6 days of when the order was placed, we will provide you email notification when your custom order is shipped out.

Do you require your order quicker and would like EXPRESS Shipping?

We offer many Express Shipping services - extra charges do apply but your order will be delivered much quicker, choose Xpresspost for quickest deliveries. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide and as many items you wish to purchase with one Flat Rate of Shipping - we offer 11 different methods of shipping upon checkout!

However, while most international orders are delivered in 4-8 business days, your local customs bureau can delay delivery to you and unfortunately, that is beyond our control, especially during the holiday season.

Do you send Gift Recipient Cards?

Yes, we offer upon check out a simple area that you can add gift wrapping of $5 per order and attach a note card message(s) to each gift order.

Do you accept returns and if so what is your return policy?

We offer a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. The item(s) must be unused, unaltered and returned with the original gift packaging.

A return authorization number MUST be obtained from us, and this number MUST appear outside of the box. Returns cannot be accepted without such authorization. For your safety, please send your item priority post and request a RETURN RECEIPT. We cannot issue refunds or credits on items that have not been received by us.

While we do refund the full amount for the item(s) ordered, including taxes, shipping fees associated with returning the products are not refundable.

What are your payment methods that you accept? How do you take orders? Do you only accept on-line orders?

We offer many different ways to pay now. You can always submit your on-line order to us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We accept payment through Shopify E-Commerce that accepts major credit cards of Visa or Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, and PayPal that excepts any major credit card along with even just using your bank account. Or you can phone your order in for credit card authorization and we accept all major credit cards - worldwide! You can mail us a cheque or money order by requesting our mailing address. Sorry, we do not currently accept money orders from international customers and we not accept Western Union.