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Bracelet Sizing Chart

This sizing chart only serves as an estimate in sizing, as everyone is different. To ensure proper sizing is completely accurate, please measure the smallest part of the wrist, then add half an inch to the length and order that corresponding size, if you like the bracelet to fit a little more loosely, then add one inch. We recommend with a child bracelet to add a 1/2 inch to the actual wrist measurement size.

Or you may simply order any of our bracelets with a bracelet extender (grow with me chain extender). We have two sizes of the extenders, which are 1.0" (recommended for smaller children) but we are finding that they work great with adult sizes too, as the chain does not dangle so far down. Then we have the 2.0" size extenders and these are best with adult sizes and especially if you are unsure of someone's wrist size.

The average ladies size wrist is 7.0" - 7.5", and men's average wrist size is 8.0" - 8.5".

All of on-line bracelet extenders are complete with a split ring and can be easily added or removed when needed. Most of our bracelets do include a 1.0" bracelet extender with the purchase of our bracelets. All of our toggle clasp bracelets do not come with bracelet extenders and they require a more definitive fit. All of our bracelets come with a "one free sizing" upon the initial purchase if the bracelet does not fit properly, this excludes shipping costs to send the bracelet back to us. We will ship the bracelet back to you using regular ground postal at our cost. 

Bracelet Sizing Chart Guide: 

0 to 3 Months 4.0"
3 to 9 Months 4.5"
9 to 18 Months 4.75"
18 - 24 Months 5.0"
2 to 4 Years 5.5"
5 - 6 Years 5.75"
6 to 8 Years 6.0"
8 to 13 Years 6.5"
13 Years to Adult 7.0"
XSmall Adult 6.0"
Small Adult 6.5"
Average Adult 7.0"
Average to Medium Adult 7.5"
Large Adult 8.0"
XLarge Adult 8.5"
XXLarge Adult 9.0"

Ladies Ankle Bracelet Sizes:

Extra Small Adult Anklet - 8.0"

Small Adult Anklet - 8.5"

Average Adult Anklet - 9.0"

Medium Adult Anklet - 9.5"

Large Adult Anklet - 10.0"

Extra Large Adult Anklet - 10.5"