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Gold Filled 14K-20K Initial Letter Monogram Bracelets

Please Note: All of our gold filled bracelets are now being sold as "single" monogram initial bracelets or gold filled birthstone bracelets without individual letter/monogram/initial personalization. We have changed the prices to reflect the new lower cost of these bracelets that only contain one individual personalzied name letter.

What do the terms "gold filled (GF)" and gold "vermeil" mean specifically and what is the differences between them versus the "gold plating (GP)"?

For our jewelry we use only the two of "gold filled" and "vermeil" to design and complete our bracelet and earring collections. I have explained the terms below so you can understand the differences between these three terms.

GOLD VERMEIL: This jewelry is made with 14K gold and usually very thick layers that are bonded and melted with sterling silver using a heated process. Vermeil is usually more expensive than the "gold filled" and this is because the base metal is .925 sterling silver. Our 4.5mm gold letter block beads that we use in our name bracelets are Vermeil.

GOLD FILLED (GF): This jewelry is made with 14-20K gold layers as well. The gold percentage is 20K in our findings that are gold filled. The base of the metal is generally sterling silver or brass. Our gold lobster clasps, charms, earrings are stamped with the 14-20K on them. The gold filled process involves heat adherence and hence giving it a lifetime quality in the process. The gold will not flake, chip or fade as "gold plated" findings generally do. Gold filled findings do not contain nickel which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin, and makes it hypoallergenic. Even if some people are allergic to silver, the gold filled may be your solution. Gold filled is a very affordable solution that will allow your jewelry to easily last a lifetime. It is the best of both worlds. Have the same beautiful look but without the solid gold costs. Gold filled also is referred to as "rolled gold".

GOLD PLATED (GP): Gold plate jewelry is usually one layer of sprayed gold or random metals that are dipped in gold. These findings will have a reddish or yellowish un-natural color to them with a low grade shine. The process involved is a "cold" process with no heat being used to adhere the gold to the metals. The gold plate layers easily chip, flake and fade very quickly. In fact, the layers will eventually fade off all together. Good quality gold plate is very hard to find, so we just don't use them with our jewelry collections.

Gold filled or gold vermeil jewelry is tarnish resistant. If your gold filled jewelry is handled with care then only light buffing will ever be required. Try to keep your gold filled jewelry away from moisture, or if moisture occurs then try to dry the jewelry from moisture. When the gold filled jewelry is not being used then try to store the jewelry in a sealed zip lock bag.

Upon purchase of any of our bracelets, we always include a zip lock bag within the gift box. This method will help to preserve your gold filled jewelry remaining beautiful for a long time when not being worn on a regular basis. All of our gold filled or gold vermeil jewelry will come with "product care cards", a matching extender, a complimentary non toxic precious metals polishing cloth, all enclosed in your order.

Single Monogram Initial Bracelets: All gold filled bracelet personalization will now include a single initial personalization and not a full name personalization. The costs are also reflective with single initial 4.5mm gold vermeil name letter being added, instead of an entire name. Or you can leave the field blank and we will create a birthstone bracelet without the letter personalization.