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Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamping will have an overall organic look to the imprints rather than a precision laser engraved look. This is part of the natural art to hand stamping and that each piece will offer to its own uniqueness.

Customer's purchasing hand stamped pieces from us should be aware that the character's may not evenly align with precision. However, the imprints themselves should be clean, crisp and readable. At Baby Bead Treasures, we strive to provide a high quality and clarity with our hand stamped pieces. The pictures displayed on our website will reflect the same type of quality and clarity that you would purchase from us. We would like our customer's to be 100% happy with their purchase on our hand stamped pieces. If you are not happy for any reason please feel free to return your items by following our 30 day return policy, no questions asked. However, if there is an error upon your submission, these items are non-refundable. An example of this type of error, is if you type in the name incorrectly or if you type in something that is case sensitive in correctly. An important thing to remember is when you type in the desired personalization - please type it in EXACTLY how you would like it to appear, as CASE SENSITIVE. All of our hand stamped pieces comes complete with a COMPLIMENTARY Pro Polish Pad designed for buffing and cleaning precious metal hand stamped pendants.

Baby Bead Treasures will offer hand stamped pendants and charms in three precious metals. We will use either .925 genuine sterling silver, 10k-20k gold filled or copper.

Your first choice selection for your custom hand stamped piece is to enter/type your initials, names, or wording that you would like to appear on the hand stamped piece. These three options will be depended upon the size of the charm or pendant. Some of the pendants will only be large enough to display an initial, or will allow only a few character's per pendant. If the field space you are entering only allows up to three character's, then this is the character limit that the surface will allow for.

Please Note: How you type in your initial, name or wording - will appear exactly that way on the charm or pendant.

The information you enter - is case sensitive. Here are some examples:

lori, sam, elliot...

or Lori, Sam, Elliot...

or l, s, e...

or L, S, E...

The second option to customizing your hand stamped piece is by selecting your choice of either a birthstone or pearl drop. You will have a few different choices for the birthstone accent drops, either a bicone Swarovski Crystal in the birthstone series, or a Swarovski Crystal 6mm round bezel charm in the birthstone colors or the natural gemstone birthstones available in both the precious (emerald, sapphire, ruby)and semi-precious gemstones. The other option instead of your choice of a crystal or gemstone birthstone will be to select your choice of a pearl accent drop if you do not want the associated birthstone to represent each person. The choice of freshwater pearl colored drops are: white, light pink, peach, lavender, and light blue. And for the best friend necklaces for children under the age of 12, we use the Fire Czech lead free birthstone crystals.

Another custom selection for your hand stamped jewelry pendant, will be to select a special design to be displayed on your pendant. This custom design feature will only be available if your pendant selection is large enough to display the 6.5mm sized image. The image selection choices will be a star, double heart, sun, love, moon, heart, swirl heart, daisy flower, butterfly, tall heart, swirl flower, peace sign.

And the last final custom selection is if you would like to add another featured sterling silver, gold filled charm to your pendant, we offer many unique charms that add a special finished touch! Some of these include: peace sign, butterfly, various hearts, scroll cross charms, pearl drop, etc.

Our FONT Selections: We currently offer three types of fonts to choose from. ~ Elegant 3mm size ~ Posh 3mm size ~ Storybook 3mm size ~ Aras 2mm size. You can View our 3mm Font Selections here in every letter of the alphabet!

We offer these fonts in both uppercase and lower case. We also offer 3mm numbers if you would like to enter a date, etc.

About Custom Orders? Yes, we very much welcome any type of custom order with our hand stamped jewelry. If you see something you like in our product selections and would like to alternate pendants, charms, etc., then please email us with your ideas and we can help you create your own custom order ~ free of charge.

As mentioned previously, how you type in these names will be effected by what displays on your pendant. When you type in the name it is CASE SENSITIVE. If you want all lower case then please type in the name using all lower case. Or if you want all uppercase letters, please type in all uppercase in the NAME field provided. If you find you cannot enter enough characters to provide a name, then it is because the pendant will only allow a certain amount of characters.