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Multiple Strand Mother's Mom Birthstone Name Bracelets

Our collection of mother's mom multiple strand bracelets include a range of double strand, triple strand, four strands, and even a five strand bracelet. We offer a full One Year Warranty on all of these multiple strand bracelets. Any of our bracelets that you see on our website can be made into a multiple strand bracelets -custom orders are always welcome, just email us with your ideas

CHARMS? Now Complimentary... All of our bracelet charms are now "complimentary" upon ordering from this category section, some bracelets have different charm options, such as you can choose from birthstone drop charms or special mom message charms, or heart shaped charms to choose from.

As displayed you will see a single strand bracelet price, and if available can easily be made into a multiple strand bracelet that you will be able to customize your bracelet to every last tiny detail including the additions of certain charms and clasps. We display our product options so that you may order the bracelet to your favorite style, comfort and security. For maximum security on our triple, four and five strand bracelets we offer one of the best and most secure clasps on the market. They are an attractive all .925 sterling silver "rectangular locking security squeeze clasp" - they make the bracelet very easy to get on and off by squeezing both top and bottom for the release of the clasp. When in a locked position the clasp is highly secure. We are happy to offer these extra security clasps to the multiple strand bracelets, they are an available option available upon ordering.

All of our bracelet's in this category and our Mother's Family Birthstone bracelet category include options of your own clasp choice. You can view our various clasp choice options here!

You can view the crystal birthstone chart here for color selection assistance - Swarovski Crystals Birthstone Color Chart.