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Amethyst February Gemstone Adult Birthstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

$70.00 $70.00

Beautifully dark and vibrant natural amethyst gemstone accented with bright sterling silver this beautiful bracelet represents February traditional natural gemstone birthstone.

This lovely adult bracelet is made with all natural amethyst smooth round gemstones in a 6mm size all grade A beads that have a beautiful and natural dark purple color. The bracelet is then accented with the sterling silver 6mm bright flower petal outline caps and 6mm beautiful fancy sterling twists bright sterling spacers between the name letter beads. You can also order the bracelet without name letters too! Simply.. just leave the name field blank as the price remains the same due to the type of beads we use to create this high end sterling silver bracelet.

Turn this beautiful bracelet into a very special mother and daughter duo set ~ we always use a smaller 4mm bead for the baby / child size bracelet and larger 6mm sized beads for the adult size bracelet so you will receive the best of both worlds if you order this gorgeous bracelet as the mother and daughter set. You can find this set available under Mother and Daughter Bracelets.

Amethyst Semi-precious Gemstone Care: You may use a commercial jewelry cleaner and/or warm water with a mild detergent with a soft bristle brush (such as a small finger nail brush) to clean between the beads. Please avoid strong direct UV sunlight as it can cause the amethyst stones to fade overtime.

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