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All Silver Traditional Birthstone Gemstone Name Bracelet

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Traditional Gemstone Birthstone in Your Choice of Either Precious or Semi-Precious Gemstones: This bracelet is designed using five types of sterling silver beads in a 4mm size (or we will use 6mm if your order an adult sized bracelet) and accented with beautiful sparkling stardust matte finish satin rondelles and round twist silver beads throughout the bracelet. Between each sterling silver letter bead are also stardust silver beads. Each bracelet comes with special gift packaging and product gemstone care cards. As shown in the picture the bracelet is displayed with precious gemstone of Sapphires that represent September's birthstone / birthday's. The sapphire is considered to be one of the Four (4) precious gemstones (ruby emerald sapphire and diamond). A sapphire is fairly similar to the ruby and posses all of same qualities. You will see purple sapphires and these are a lower quality and much lower cost. The darker the sapphire the more expensive the gemstone. A good sapphire will measure a hue of 85% being blue where the 15% may be purple but never should contain a green hue. If you have heart of the "star sapphire" this means a special phenomenon know as aster-ism. This effect displays a needle-like intrusion that causes a unique star shaped pattern in the center of the gemstone when using an overhead light source. Such as the "Star of India" is the largest known star sapphire in the world. Please care for your bracelet by using a soft bristle brush warm water and a mild detergent do not use a commercial cleaner ultrasonic jewelry cleaner as it will damage the beads. Please avoid strong UV sunlight rays and heat exposure of any sort. The second pictures displays semi-precious natural grade A gemstone of Amethyst for February's birthstone. Please note: when ordering a baby or child size bracelet we will always use the smaller 4-5mm sized beads this includes our sizing range of 0 months (4.0") to 13 years (7.0"). And when you are ordering an adult sized bracelet from Adult XSmall (6.0") to Adult XXLarge (9.0") we will use the larger 6mm sized beads including the larger sized gemstones (New! we now offer all traditional gemstones including precious gemstones in a 6mm size). This includes the Mother and Daughter sets we always make the baby or child sized with smaller beads and the adult sized bracelet with the larger 6mm beads.

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