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Pretty in Pink Gems Pearls Bracelet - Your Choice of Pink Crystal

$32.00 $42.00

This bracelet is designed using three types of beads in light pink. We use genuine grade A pink freshwater natural pearls soft rose quartz gemstone and the baby pink colored Fire Czech Polished round faceted lead free beads.

This bracelet displays the baby pink (translucent as shown in the picture) Fire Czech Crystal color choice you can choose your favorite shade of pink light rose but you can choose a softer sparkly baby pink; or a fun fabulous bright fuchsia or bright pink or even baby pink opal (the baby pink opal is a solid opaque color - not transparent or translucent). The depiction of color according to the qualities of translucent and transparent is basically how light travels through the bead. When the color is opaque then no light travels through the crystal and it is a soft solid pink opal color.

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