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All White Crystal Pearls Rainbow Crystals Beaded Ladies Watch

$69.00 $79.00

This eye capturing watch is made with all white Swarovski Crystals in a 4mm and 6mm size. The soft white long wearing pearls are accented with both bali sterling silver and clear rainbow enhanced Swarovski Crystals. The watch face is also a fancy mother of pearl watch face with roman numerals and outline with the same rainbow enhanced Swarovski Crystals. We have a few color choices for this watch face clear rainbow as shown pink rose for October topaz for November turquoise for December and then midnight black. The color choices represent the "circle" of crystals that outline the face of the watch and the not the inner color of the watch face which is white mother of pearl on each watch face. Also shown is turquoise, and topaz.

If you like sparkle and bling then this watch is for you!! We offer a one year warranty on this style of watch.

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