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Aquamarine Rose Gold Filled 14-20K Mother Daughter Set of Birthstone Bracelets

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First this matching mother and daughter bracelet set is designed by using a larger 6mm bead for the adult style bracelet and using a smaller 4mm bead for the child style bracelet. The 6mm beads are a bit too big for babies in general but they are the perfect size for adults so we get the best of both worlds with these bracelet sets the beads are identical in look and quality they are just different sizes!

Beautiful mix of matte stardust 14-20k rose gold filled sparkling beads bright bali sterling silver and 14-20k rose gold satin smooth shiny beads accented with Fire Czech lead free birthstone crystals for the child baby size and Swarovski Crystals for the adult style bracelet. Your choice of sterling silver charm. The findings are all 14-20k rose gold filled. Rose gold filled in a 14-20k quality is a higher content of gold then mixed with a sterling silver base and small amount of copper to bring out the rose gold pink effect of the precious metal. We do not use gold or rose gold plated beads and findings the plating is a much lower quality and will flake off after time.

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