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Mothers Mom Multiple Strand Pearl Bali Silver Family Name Bracelet

Mothers Mom Multiple Strand Pearl Bali Silver Family Name Bracelet

$50.00 $60.00

This five (5) strand mother/grandmother's bracelet is designed using our Swarovski Crystal pearls (TM) in 4mm and 6mm size and beautiful clear Swarovski Crystals (TM) in a 4mm size and bicone shape. The entire bracelet is accented in sterling silver bali bead collections and sterling silver block letters. You may include personalization on each of the five (5) strands.
You can order this bracelet in a single strand double triple quad or five strand as shown. The single strand will have a lobster clasp and not a multiple strand clasp as shown in the picture.

The interlocking clasp is also .925 sterling silver and makes the bracelet easy to take on and off yourself. This clasp is my favorite among the multi-strand clasps as it also will prevent your strands from twisting turning and becoming intertwined. It also keeps the multi-strand bracelet in a beautiful form shape so you can focus on each particular strand when wearing it making it beautiful and easy to wear. This clasp also is very narrow in appearance allowing for more bead placement on the bracelet itself. So.. there are many benefits to this lovely interlocking mutli-strand clasp. However we can make this beautiful five (5) strand with a heart toggle clasp and five (5) strand connectors.

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