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Mother Daughter Gold Filled Classic Pearl Matching Monogram Initial Bracelets

$156.00 $186.00

These beautiful and natural Mom and Daughter Matching Bracelets is one of our top sellers they are simple but very eye catching with the 20K gold filled beads against the grade AA freshwater perfect round flawless white pearls...

Our mother and daughter matching bracelets are designed using a larger 6mm beads for the adult style bracelet and using smaller 4mm size beads for the child/baby style bracelet. The larger 6mm beads are usually too large for the baby/child style bracelet but the perfect size for adults. We get the best of both worlds with these identical set bracelets. The beads are identical in look and quality but just different sizes. However if you order two adult sizes for the bracelets then we will use the larger beads for both Mother and Daughter bracelets.

Our Mom and Daughter matching gold filled name bracelets are completed using all natural grade AA freshwater cultured round pearls in a 6mm size (adult) and 4mm size (baby/child) and beautiful twist gold filled beads to accent. Between the vermeil gold letters are 20K gold filled saucers. The bracelets come complete with two (2) matching 1.0" gold filled twist extenders. The extenders can be removed or added at anytime as they have a small split ring on the end just like a keyring. We have added some 20K gold filled puffed heart charms a larger puffed heart for the adult style bracelet and a slightly smaller puffed heart charm for the Daughter child/baby style bracelet.

About Single Initial Monogram: All of our gold filled bracelets are now being sold with only a single letter monogram initial. Our prices are now reflective of single letter personalization upon each bracelet allowing the costs of these bracelets to be lowered significantly.

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