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Bracelet Necklace Extenders Add Links Attachable Extender Chain

Bracelet Necklace Extenders Add Links Attachable Extender Chain


The majority of our bracelets do come with extenders please check the product information before ordering to ensure that you bracelet does or does not come with an extender.

The extender can easily be added to any existing bracelet and is designed to be added as a grow with me chain. All extenders are either Genuine .925 sterling silver or 20K gold filled. They come with a sturdy 5mm-6mm split ring that is just like a miniature keyring that you easily attach to any existing bracelet necklace for adding extra length.

You may order the crystal extenders either with Swarovski Crystals for ages 12+ or adult style bracelets or we recommend if you are ordering for babies or small children the "lead free" crystals which are the Czech Fire Glass Crystals. You can make your choice selection in the above drop down menu. Then type in your choice of birthstone color choice if applicable.

We also offer this bracelet extenders in the first drop down menu as the 1.0" sizes and in the second drop down menu is in a 2.0" size below for additional charge.

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