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All White Cat's Eye Crystal Birthstone Multiple Strand Mother's Bracelet

All White Cats Eye Family Birthstone Double Triple Strand Bracelet

$99.00 $133.00
Triple Strand Mother's White Cat's Eye Semi-precious with Bali Sterling Silver Accented with Swarovski Crystals in the birthstone series... This bracelet available as a single double or triple quad or five strand bracelet offered in white cat's eye 5mm size. The beads are grade A and offer great qualities of long wearing very durable and economical - yet they are very beautiful because they display a stunning fibre optic look to them. They are very luminiscent with light and when offered with bali sterling silver it truly brings out all their great qualities. They are soft and beautiful to wear as well and need limited care to keep their beauty enhanced. The bracelet has a triple strand sterling silver toggle clasp you can always add your choice of sterling silver charm to the bracelet. The bracelet can include personalization of up to five names in total one name on each strand if ordering the five strand bracelet. You can view the crystal birthstone chart here for color selection assistance - Swarovski Crystals Birthstone Color Chart.

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