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Puffed Hearts Valentine Day Cute Beaded Sterling Silver Birthstone Bracelet

All Sterling Silver Puffed Hearts Birthstone Bracelet

$22.00 $30.00

Just in time for Valentines Day! ~ All hearts ~ The bracelet displayed is February Amethyst birthstones.

All .925 genuine sterling silver bracelet with satin sterling silver and your choice of Fire Czech birthstone crystals. The sterling silver beads are 4mm rounds with 2.5mm spacers and the crystals are 4mm rounds with 5mm highly detailed puffed hearts captured between each birthstone bead. The bracelet has a solid ring puffed heart charm applied directly to the bracelet.

These also make pretty mother and daughter duo sets just simply order 2 bracelets with your favorite options both with the same matching birthstone or with your own unique birthstones.

You can add an all hearts puffed heart extender in a 1.0" size as well as change your clasp from a regular lobster to a puffed heart lobster clasp.

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