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All Silver Bali Twist Single Double Triple Strand Name Bracelet

$119.00 $68.00

This double strand mother's family bracelet is designed using our 4mm satin sterling silver 6mm sterling silver twists with bali accent beads in a 4mm and 6mm size 6mm fancy double round bali beads. You may order this style of bracelet in a single double or triple.

For the double strand Mothers Bracelet we use a heart shaped bali twist toggle clasp which is also .925 sterling silver or we have a chain link toggle which makes the bracelet easy to take on and off yourself which is shown in the second picture. If you wish to have a lobster clasp or interlocking two strand clasp added to the bracelet instead.

You can add a satin silver bali twist ring charm as shown in the centre - a lovely touch by adding the birthstones of each family member on this all sterling silver bracelet.

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