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Triple Multiple Mothers Birthstone Family Sterling Silver Name Bracelet

All Hearts Mothers Family Birthstone Name Multiple Strand Bracelet

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Mother Grandmother Mom Natural Cultured White Pearls and Satin Sterling Silver Accented with Hearts and Birthstones... A trio of hearts in this triple strand bracelet offered in white natural cultured pearls in a 4mm size. The pearls are flawless grade A White LotusTM pearls. The accent beads are sterling silver round satin beads in a 4mm size 4mm sterling silver rondelles and 4mm bright sterling silver daisy spacers between each perfect pearl. This is a popular bracelet and one of our top sellers in a single double or triple strand four strands or even five strands. We have designed the bracelet using multiple strand connectors to the sterling silver smooth heart shaped toggle clasp this helps keep the bracelet aligned perfectly when wearing the bracelet prevents the strands from overlapping each other and twisting and turning. This style bracelet can be ordered in a Single Double Triple Four or Five strand. Another feature we have added to help keep the alignment of the bracelet is at the very beginning of the bracelet we have used the satin sterling silver rondelles that are joined together in one unique bead another great element in keeping the bracelet in perfect position without twisting tangling and turning when taking the bracelet on or off. You can view the crystal birthstone chart here for color selection assistance - Swarovski Crystals Birthstone Color Chart. The bracelet is accented with unique sterling silver puffed heart shaped beads which includes emphasis with the beautiful 4mm bicone Swarovski Crystals in your family birthstone choices the crystals appear before each unique name of your family members. You can choose your birthstone colors associated with each name as outlined below each strand name personalization.

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