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Cat Eye Colored Name Bracelets

Here you will find our fabulous long wearing and very colorful semi-precious fibre optic gemstone cat's eye beads in an array of great colors! These beads are great for babies and children because of their durability and how they remain looking great look even after long wear. We use a sterling silver setting and accented with various fire czech birthstones, or with the adult styles we use the Swarovski Crystals.


Whatever your fancy, whether you would like a casual wearing bracelet or a pretty dress up bracelet - they look great with everything! The cat eye beads can be ordered in many colors, shapes and styles.

My favorite look is when the cat eye bead is paired with the bali sterling silver. Our most popular best seller is the "All Pink Hues Cat's Eye Bracelet" and the "Multi Color Pastels Bracelet".

Each and every bracelet comes complete with a 1.0" matching extender.