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Aquamarine Gemstone March Birthstone Name Bracelet

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This all natural aquamarine gemstone is beautiful and soft colored with semi-translucent aqua colored natural beads that is accented with beautiful bali fancy silver caps and spacing beads. The accent silver beads silver spacing beads between the name letters lobster clasp 1.0" extender heart charm are all .925 genuine sterling silver.

This bracelet also signifies the birth month for March - representing March's birthstone which is Aquamarine in the perfect representation of the person's birth month by using the natural gemstone of Aquamarine in grade A beads.

Aquamarine Semi-precious Gemstone Care: You may use a commercial jewelry cleaner and/or mild detergent and warm water with a soft bristle brush to clean between the beads use a soft cloth for polishing. Please avoid extreme temperature changes - hot to cold and any pro-longed exposure to either very hot or very cold temperatures. It can cause the semi-precious beads to fade overtime.

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