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Precious Ruby Gemstone July Birthstone Baby Child Adult Personalized Name Bracelet

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The ruby birthstone bracelet is made with all sterling silver fancy smooth corrugated rounds in a 4mm (or 6mm for adult sizes if ordered) size bright stardust rondelles and bright bali silver that accent each 4mm (or 6mm gemstones for adult sizes if ordered) faceted rondelle grade A ruby gemstone. Being that Rubies are one of the four gemstones (diamond emerald sapphire and ruby) they are a little more expensive than a semi-precious gemstone. A true good quality grade A ruby should offer only red tone and saturation; any other color found in a ruby is considered an imperfection such as purple pink or orange. Purple would be the best desired second color to have in a ruby if to be found. Ruby means red in Latin therefore a true ruby should only contain beautiful dark and vibrant hues of red. The rubies that we use are only red in their tone and saturation and grade A quality. The ruby birthstone bracelet contains 4mm bali bright sterling silver and bright stardust rondelles against each of the ruby birthstones circling the entire bracelet. The bracelet comes with an all heart chain extender with a single ruby and silver accents. This lovely bracelet signifies the birth month of July using the traditional precious ruby birthstone.

Ruby Gemstone Bracelet CARE: Do not submerge into an ultrasonic cleaner or use harsh detergents. To clean please use a warm soft cloth and/or a soft brush and mild detergent to clean between the beads.

Please note: when ordering a baby or child size bracelet we will always use the smaller 4-5mm sized beads this includes our sizing range of 0 months (4.0") to 13 years (7.0"). And when you are ordering an adult sized bracelet from Adult XSmall (6.0") to Adult XXLarge (9.0") we will use the larger 6mm sized beads including larger sized gemstones (New! we now offer all traditional gemstones including precious gemstones in a 6mm size). This includes the Mother and Daughter sets we always make the baby or child sized with smaller beads and the adult sized bracelet with the larger 6mm beads.

For extra assistance in determining traditional birthstones please view our birthstone chart here. 

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