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Mothers Name Personalized Silver Natural Gemstone Birthstone Watch

$85.00 $95.00

Geneva silver tone watch face with ring loops that captures a beautiful two strand (as shown but can be ordered in singular double and triple strand) sterling silver band that will be custom ordered with individual names and your choice of natural gemstone birthstones. As shown displays the name "Heather" with pretty natural grade AA freshwater round perfect white pearls for the birth month of June as pearl. The second name of "Hadley" displays grade A 6mm round amethyst gemstones for the birth month of February. The clasp is a sterling silver oval shaped trigger clasp that easily connects to the ring. You may add your own choice of charm that will be added near the clasp. This watch is now available in all the precious and semi-precious gemstones in a 6mm size grade A gemstones the pricing structure may increase and vary between the semi-precious to the precious natural gemstones. If you order a multiple strand we will use the proper strand connectors and alignment bars between the strands to keep the watch strands in perfect alignment. If a triple strand watch is ordered we will use triple strand connector bars that keep the triple strands in proper alignment the connector bars appear on each end of the strands and connect directly to the clasp. The watch includes a one year warranty. The second picture illustrates July and Grade AA Faceted Precious Ruby Gemstones in a 6mm size. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart.

One year warranty.

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