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Mother and Daughter Freshwater White Pearls Crystal Gem Name Bracelets

$66.00 $98.00
A beautiful mother and daughter duo set using grade AA freshwater round white pearls in a 5mm size we then accent between each perfect round pearl using a daisy bright spacer and a 4mm natural crystal quartz grade A gemstone. We added pretty solid ring puffed heart charms to each bracelet. However you can add a different charm if you like. Each bracelet also comes with a matching 1.0" extender. By request we have added another custom choice selection feature at the very bottom of the product listing. You may now choose your own type of semi-precious gemstone birthstone available in your desired birth month. Only some of the birth months will be available as we are only using the translucent gemstones to reflect the current consistency pattern of the bracelet. As shown in the second picture is January birth month which is Garnet gemstones instead of the clear crystal quartz. The garnet gemstone is a rich luxurious vibrant pomegranate red. The stone is an easy care for semi-precious stone and we only use grade A perfect round stones. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart.

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