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Matte Sterling Silver Semi-Precious Gemstone February Amethyst Birthstone Bracelet

Matte Sterling Silver Semi-Precious Gemstone Birthstone Bracelet

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A very simple yet elegant and traditional precious or semi-precious gemstone bracelet offered in sterling silver matte 4mm beads and bright daisy spacers between each bead. The bracelet is offered by using all natural semi-precious round gemstones that represent the unique birth months of the year. This bracelet displayed signifies the birth month for February - representing February's birthstone which is Amethyst in the perfect representation of the person's birth month by using the natural round smooth gemstones of Amethyst in grade A beads. There are many other choices for the semi-precious gemstones shown above. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart.

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