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Hand Stamped Personalized Name Pendant and Gemstone Birthstone Sterling Silver Necklace

Using an 18 gauge thickness of a copper precious metal teardrop pendant in a 31mm size. The pendant is personalized and stamped in a circular arrangement that wraps around the base of the pendant. On this size of pendant we have enough room to add a name containing 8 characters in total. We have added a pretty sterling silver floating heart near the top to add a two tone layered effect. The pendants are hand stamped with two choices of font and upon completion then polished to a brilliant shine. You can also select your own natural traditional gemstone birthstone to further personalize this name pendant birthstone necklace. The birthstone shown in the picture is April ~ Clear Quartz Crystal. However you may select a different choice of birthstone such as a Silver Bezel Birthstone. And your choice of three styles of sterling silver 18" necklaces. The last and final touch is you may choose a design imprint as shown in the 2nd picture (butterfly). The stamp will appear slightly above the name and below the sterling heart. PLEASE NOTE: We currently offer two types of font to choose from in a 3mm size. Either "Posh" or "Elegant". We offer these fonts in both uppercase and lower case. How you type in these names will be effected by what displays on your pendant. When you type in the name it is CASE SENSITIVE. If you want all lower case then please type in the name using all lower case. Or if you want all uppercase letters please type in all uppercase in the NAME field provided. If you find you cannot enter enough characters to provide a name then it is because of the pendant size. The personalization of the pendant is limited and will only allow a certain amount of characters available to display on the pendant. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart. You can view the round bezel birthstone chart here for color selection assistance - Bezel Birthstone Color Chart.

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