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Hand Stamped Sterling Silver 24mm Round Pedant Birthstone Sterling Silver Necklace

The perfect size for a hand stamped pendant in a round smooth shape composed of all .925 sterling silver in a 24 gauge and a 24mm size. You can add two names ~ one on each side of the pendant and a total of 8 letters on each side and a total of 16 letters in total. If you choose to add two names - please separate each name with a comma when you enter the names in the "Name" field. Eg. Isabelle Shantel - Also please remember what you enter is case sensitive. The birthstone charms shown are a double birthstone drop with pretty Swarovski Crystals and a single sterling twist separated with a bright sterling stardust. You can view the crystal birthstone chart here for color selection assistance - Swarovski Crystals Birthstone Color Chart.