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Gold Filled Silver Pearl Bali Mothers Family Two Double Name Bracelet

Gold Filled Silver Pearl Bali Mothers Family Two Double Name Bracelet

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Mothers Gold Filled and Sterling Silver and White Pearl Bali Two or One Name Bracelet with Traditional Gemstone or Semi-precious Gemstone Charms...

With beautiful 6mm round perfect pearls and 6mm and fancy sterling silver bali cap beads. The gold filled beads entailed are the 4mm satin gold filled and the 4mm gold filled corrugated beads this beautiful family name bracelet is completed with all 20K "gold filled" and bali sterling silver components making a lovely two toned bracelet. To accent we use sterling silver twist beads in a 5mm size and some flowered cap fancy bali silver against the beautiful white pearls. You can order the bracelet with either one or two names the choice is yours. If you would like two names please just type them below separate with a comma.

We do not use "gold plated" findings - which is a lower quality of gold and is basically dipped in gold then the findings tend to chip flake and wear off after time. Often people with sensitivities to silver or other precious metals can usually wear gold filled beads they are usually free of skin sensitivities to the gold filled beads.

The name letter beads are 5.5mm size and are sterling silver name letters 5.5mm size with 20K gold filled saucers between the solid sterling silver 5.5mm name letters.

"Gold filled" beads have a greater content than electroplated gold and is virtually indistinguishable from solid gold. With good care and not to subject the bracelet to conditions such as chlorine swimming pools household chemicals and polishing with a soft cloth and detergent free soap - gold filled jewelry can easily last a lifetime. You can visit our FAQ's page of our website to read more about gold filled and vermeil jewelry.

Please also identify the choice of traditional birthstone charm accents you would like with each name we will use the natural traditional gemstones or semi-precious gemstones to signify your son's or daughter's birth month. As shown in the picture is May for Emerald and July for Ruby.

REFERENCE - a list of natural grade A gemstone or semi-precious gemstone we will use for the charm accents to signify the birth month of family members:

June/Light Amethyst
October/Pink Peruvian Opal

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