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Natural Precious and Semi-precious Grade A to Grade AAA Gemstones Reference Chart

This chart reflects all of the grade A to Grade AAA natural gemstones in precious and semi-precious gemstones that we offer through our on-line Baby Bead Treasures store. The chart will read from top to bottom, the top indicating the gemstone name and directly below the image of the gemstone.

The gemstone size will vary depending on the size of bracelet you order (we only use 4mm sized gemstones for child sized bracelets). When ordering any of our ADULT gemstone, or traditional gemstone birthstone bracelets and you see this message, as shown below, display on the product listing, this will indicate that if you order an adult size bracelet we will use the larger 6mm gemstone to complete your custom bracelet. Please note: when ordering a baby or child size bracelet we will always use the smaller 4-5mm sized beads, this includes our sizing range of 0 months (4.0") to 13 years (7.0"). And when you are ordering an adult sized bracelet from Adult XSmall (6.0") to Adult XXLarge (9.0") we will use the larger 6mm sized beads including larger sized gemstones (New! we now offer all traditional gemstones including precious gemstones in a 6mm size). This includes the Mother and Daughter sets, we always make the baby or child sized with smaller beads and the adult sized bracelet with the larger 6mm beads.

You can use this page as a resource when you want to acquire our free design services and design a certain jewelry piece for you or someone else. It is great visual reference upon ordering one of bracelets that gives you a selection on various types of gemstones and the color, cut and clarity of the gemstones.


Amazonite Semiprecious


Lavender Mother of Pearl Semiprecious Gemstone

Autumn Jasper Semiprecious


Pink Mother of Pearl Semiprecious Gemstone

 Cherry Quartz Semiprecious Gemstone

Ruby Precious Gemstone


Garnet Semiprecious

Turquoise Semiprecious Gemstone


Moonstone Semiprecious Gemstone

Aquamarine Semiprecious Gemstone


Rose Quartz Semiprecious Gemstone

Citrine Semiprecious Gemstone


Snow Quartz Semiprecious Gemstone


Emerald Precious Gemstone


Amethyst Semiprecious Gemstone


Light Amethyst Semiprecious Gemstone


Black Onyx Semiprecious Gemstone


Pink Opal Semiprecious Gemstone


Crystal Quartz Semiprecious Gemstone


Sapphire Precious Gemstone