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Silver Gold Rose Gold Name Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are beautiful but that famous question do sterling silver beads tarnish? We do offer some sterling silver tarnish resistant beads, if they are tarnish free the product description will indicate this. For instance our collection of genuine sterling silver bali beads will never tarnish or fade! And our matte finish sterling silver beads are tarnish resistant.


However, if you have purchased a bracelet containing the shiny round satin sterling silver beads, these beads may tarnish if the bracelet is not worn consistently. Upon purchased of our bracelets we also include a zip lock bag that the bracelet can be stored in when you are not using the bracelet, this will help prevent any tarnish from occurring. We also sell sterling silver polishing cloths that remove tarnish, they can be found in this section of our website. Gold Filled and Vermeil beads are virtually tarnish free, only light buffing is ever required and they are perfect for anyone that has skin sensitivities to other precious metals such as sterling silver.

Rose Gold: We have mixed the two precious metals of sterling silver and the gold filled for a unique and distinctive look. What is Rose Gold? Rose gold is created by using 14K yellow gold and increasing a slight content of copper and this creates a soft pretty pink tone. With a mix of pure sterling silver (decreasing the sterling silver content significantly and replacing with the 14K yellow gold precious metal and then adding a small percentage of copper).