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Freshwater White Pearl Peridot Gemstone August Birthstone Name Bracelet

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This bracelet is one of our top sellers! This lovely peridot semi precious gemstone bracelet is made with grade A 4mm (or 6mm for adult style bracelets) sized beads. Peridot has a beautiful semi opague glass lime green appeal. Peridot is mined all over the world yet very hard to find good quality peridot. Our peridot is grade A and because the beads are so tiny in the 4mm size peridot can more of expensive semi-precious gemstone to purchase in the smaller size bead. We have lightly accented the bracelet using the round peridot. We have created the bracelet using genuine grade A freshwater 4mm (or 6mm for adult bracelets) White Lotus pearls in a potato shape. The bright silver accents include .925 genuine sterling silver in the 4mm (or 6mm for adult bracelets) stardust rounds and to accent the peridot we use the 4mm (or 6mm for adult bracelets) stardust rondelles. The lobster clasp and double drop peridot and stardust extender are all .925 genuine sterling silver. This bracelet also signifies the birth month for August - representing Augusts birthstone which is Peridot in the perfect representation of the persons birth month by using the natural round smooth 4mm gemstones of grade A peridot beads. You can select your own choice of birthstone if you like this style of bracelet this bracelet can be available in any of the natural traditional gemstones. Please note: when ordering a baby or child size bracelet we will always use the smaller 4-5mm sized beads this includes our sizing range of 0 months (4.0") to 13 years (7.0"). And when you are ordering an adult sized bracelet from Adult XSmall (6.0") to Adult XXLarge (9.0") we will use the larger 6mm sized beads including larger sized gemstones (New! we now offer all traditional gemstones including precious gemstones in a 6mm size). This includes the Mother and Daughter sets we always make the baby or child sized with smaller beads and the adult sized bracelet with the larger 6mm beads. For extra assistance in determining natural gemstone color association with birthstones - please visit our Natural Traditional Gemstone Birthstone Chart. Peridot Semi-precious Gemstone Care: Please use a mild detergent and warm water with a soft bristle brush to clean between the beads soft clean cloth for polishing. Please do not submerge into a jewelry cleaner.

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