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CHD - HLHS/Single Ventricle Awareness Bracelet

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This CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) Awareness Bracelet was a custom ordered bracelet designed specially by a mom of a child that has CHD. We invited Andrea H from Woodstock Ontario Canada to provide some information and help build awareness on this disease and the CHD - HLHS/Single Ventricle Awareness Bracelet she has custom designed.

Comments by Andrea H Woodstock Ontario:

"I wanted to have a bracelet that symbolized many CHD's especially HLHS/DORV/single ventricle plus many more. I wanted this bracelet to be elegant but very casual so one could wear it everyday. Even more important were the colours chosen. Typically red is the colour for many CHD awareness items along with other diseases ( it doesn't stand out!!). I wanted something special for the mentioned Defects. I came up with red blue and purple. The red crystal represents the red blood. The blue crystals represents the blue blood and the purple represents the mixing of the blood ( red & blue ). The mixing of the blood plays an important role in the HLHS/DORV/single ventricle diagnosis plus many other defects because that is one big component that makes our children so ill. I had the awareness ribbon placed between the colours to emphasize the bracelet. And most importantly I wanted a heart charm to add a special touch.

I am so pleased with the outcome of this bracelet and the work that Deanna has put into it. I hope that this bracelet will be worn by many other heart moms and help bring some attention to CHD's even if it is the route of fashion that we have to take to get attention to this cause.

A brief history on the reason why I wanted this bracelet. My son was born with several heart defects including DORV single ventricle and hypoplstic left ventricle. He had his first open heart surgery at 10 days old and his second at 7 1/2 months old. He is currently waiting for his third surgery ( the Fontan ) when he is older. His heart cannot be fixed or cured merely surgically altered to let him survive as long as he can with his own heart. I felt that there is not enough awareness out there. I wanted to design a special bracelet that would start a conversation Giving me a reason to explain to people that CHD's need more research more funding and I want people to remember about CHD's and my son Hunter."

We gladly welcome custom bracelet orders. This is especially good if you want a bracelet designed incorporating special colors or beads to signify or represent something important and/or very close near and dear to your heart.

The CHD Bracelet is composed of grade A semi-precious gem stone white Cat's Eye beads and sterling silver satin beads intertwined with the cat's eye the middle beads are Swarovski Crystals in the colors of red blue and purple on the adult style bracelet. On the child or baby style bracelet the beads are Fire Czech glass crystals. The awareness charm and the heart charm heart bracelet extender are all .925 genuine sterling silver including the 12mm lobster clasp. We offer the bracelet in two styles the first picture shown of the bracelet is for the adult style bracelet. Then we offer the additional baby and child style bracelet with the center bead awareness ribbon. The center bead is applied directly to the bracelet and will not pull off making this much safer for young children to wear. The small dangle charms are also applied with a solid ring to the bracelet this includes the heart outline baptism charm puffed heart. If you order and mother and daughter bracelet set and would like to use same center bead on the bracelet instead of the dangle awareness charm then please indicate in the extra comment field that you would like the "center bead on both adult and child bracelet".

20% of the proceeds from each bracelet will be donated towards this cause.

If you are interested in fund raising for your special cause we will offer your wholesale pricing when ordering more than one four (4) these bracelets please email me at and I will provide you with a discount.

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